Representatives of Vodacom participated in a two-day Conference on Energy and Water Efficiency of Water Supply Services in the Cross-Border Area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, held through an online platform from 22 to 23 October 2020, and organized by the Center for Energy, Environment and Resources from BiH in partnership with the Montenegrin Center for Energy Efficiency.

The above-mentioned association is implementing the project THE ACTION TO INCREASE ENERGY AND WATER EFFICIENCY OF WATER SUPPLY SERVICES financed by the European Union, within the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program BiH - Montenegro, with the aim of strengthening capacities for implementing energy and water efficiency standards at the local level, and raising public awareness of the benefits and advantages of harmonization with the best EU practices in this area.

On the second day of the conference, as part of the session related to "Implementation of energy and water efficiency measures in the water supply sector", a representative of Vodacom's technical sector, Mr. Nikola Pejakovic, Project Manager, gave a presentation on Vodacom's activities and shared with conference participants Vodacom's experience and efforts to improve water efficiency on the Montenegrin coast. The conference aimed to promote policies, standards and best practices to increase efficiency in the water sector.