On the occasion of the construction of the new sewerage system for wastewater disposal from Risan as well as the extension of the existing water supply network, there was a presentation held in the premises of the local community Risan, on 03 April 2019, aimed at informing residents and interested citizens with the goals and objectives and investment measures of this project. The presentation was attended by representatives of Fichtner (Germany), who will be the main designer-consultant on the project, their partner IWA Consult (Serbia), as well as representatives of the Employer, water utilities of Kotor and representatives of the Municipality of Kotor.

The Wastewater Project implies the construction of a sewerage network throughout the city, while the project component related to the water supply covers the construction of additional sections in the water distribution system, as well as the replacement of the old part of the network in order to provide the highest quality services to the customer’s satisfaction.