World Water Day is celebrated worldwide on the 22nd of March. This is an opportunity to raise awareness on importance of conserving and protecting water, as well as on the need to consume this precious and limited resource in a rational manner.

The theme for World Water Day 2019 is 'Leaving no one behind'. On this occasion, Vodacom, in cooperation with the Municipalities of Kotor and Tivat as well as water utilities of these two cities organized a distribution of two cisterns with 10m3 of drinking water each, as a donation to residents of the settlement Lovanja.

Apart from the representatives of Vodacom, this event was attended by Madalena Martinovic, representative of the Secretariat for Sport, Culture and Social Activities in the Municipality of Kotor, Ivona Vukajlovic, representative of the Secretariat for Youth, Sport and Social Affairs in the Municipality of Tivat, and representatives of Tivat RAE Office Ljuljeta Baljaj Vuckovic, and Dzafer Brahimi.

The attendees were addressed by Mr Dragan Roganovic, the Executive Director of Vodacom, who gave his speech and pointed out as follows:

“In line with this year’s theme of the WWD i.e. 'Leaving no one behind' we came up with an idea to launch an initiative in the settlement Lovanja in cooperation with, and with the support of our partners, in order to donate potable water to residents of this settlement who do not have water supply system, whereby trying to bring a bit of dignity to life of these people”.

Vodacom has been traditionally marking the WWD, in line with different themes proposed by the UN. Over the previous years Vodacom, in cooperation with primary schools from the territory of Tivat and Kotor organized numerous activities and ecological actions, quizzes, ecological performances, visual and literary competitions, visit to the WWTP Tivat/Kotor, green areas landscaping, lectures, ecological presentations created by both primary school pupils and the employees of Vodacom.

The aim of marking the WWD, is to educate the youngest population, as well as to identify possibilities to get as many organizations as possible to actively participate in such events.