10 December 2018

At the 19th Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) Steering Committee held in Luxembourg, hosted by the European Investment Bank and co-chaired by the European Commission, Montenegro received a grant of Euro 68.6 million to implement four investment projects in transport and environment sectors, and prepare design documentation for two new projects.

One of the projects from environment sector relates to the construction of the wastewater system for settlements Risan and Perast (including also the transmission sewage system leading towards the settlement Muo), and it has been designated by the Municipality of Kotor, in cooperation with Vodacom, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, and KfW, as a WBIF financial institution. This project measure was positively screened by the European Commission, which approved a grant of EUR 4.7 million to finance the construction of a sewerage system in Risan and Perast. It has been estimated that the project will impact significantly on the quality of environmental protection in Boka Bay, and contribute to economic development, as the issue of wastewater collection in this coastal area will be solved, and thereby positively affect the quality of bathing water in the Bay.