13 September 2018

Representatives of Vodacom attended a workshop entitled: “Applied Methods to Reduce Water Losses in Waterworks in Western Balkan Countries” organized by the consultancy Water Loss in Sarajevo from 11 to 13 September 2018.

Aging water infrastructure is causing issues to the water utilities in the region, while they need to seek new solutions to optimize their operations and reduce non-revenue water (NRW) which is the main problem that reduces revenue and increases operating expenses.

The Water Loss Academy that organized the workshop has integrated both theoretical and applied approach to tackle water loss issues. It presented the best practice and most effective solutions for water loss reduction, which are acceptable and applicable for water utilities.

The Academy is managed by Djevad Koldzo, an expert with a long standing experience and expertise in NRW reduction, in cooperation with his colleagues, specialized in specific matters in the subject area.

The Water Loss Academy aims to provide the best, the easiest and the most affordable method of reducing NRW in the Western Balkan waterworks through an interactive approach. It is intended for company decision-makers in the technical and commercial sector, engineers engaged in water loss analyses, loss-reduction team leaders, leak detection operators, and all other entities involved in, or dealing with the NRW reduction issues.