On 19 September 2017, representatives of Vodacom attended a meeting called "Asset Management Meetings" held in Kotor.

The "Asset Management" project was made possible thanks to the German Company for International Cooperation - GIZ, the company Hydro-Comp Enterprises Ltd. - HCE from Cyprus, and the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area - IAWD from Vienna.

This will be the first year that ViK Kotor, ViK Cetinje and ViK Berane will participate in the project.

Implementation of the project commenced in April 2017, the project duration will be 3 years, and it will consist of three phases of twelve months. Asset Management is a project of infrastructure asset management, and it is primarily a computer program EDAMS developed on the basis of the experience of developed water companies. The program unifies geographic information system GIS, fixed assets data base, maintenance plans, and data for hydraulic calculation and modeling of the water supply system.