Within the Projects for providing institutional support to Vodacom and water utilities, funded by the German Development Bank (KfW), Vodacom has been trained to support water utilities in drafting their business plans. Today, in times of market economy and in the conditions when many external institutions are interested in information about the performance of companies, there is an increased need for drawing business plans. Through business planning water utilities are using their potentials knowingly and systematically, and they are also eliminating their weaknesses in a conscious and systematic manner, whereby providing, in an organized manner, a path for a continuous and successful business operation.

A company must have its strategy and defined business goals to be able to respond to the demands of its beneficiaries in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Management of water supply and wastewater differs from the other activities in terms of nature of its product, which results in different approaches and management strategies. A well-prepared business plan of a water utility gives an image to all interested parties of how serious and responsible its management is in running the business policy of this utility.