Vodacom is a Joint Service and Coordination Company for Water and Wastewater Services for the Montenegrin Coast. It was established in 2005, after the Government of Montenegro recognized the need for active work on the improvement of water supply and sewerage infrastructure on the Montenegrin Coast.

Vodacom was established by the Government of Montenegro (GoM) and the Municipalities of Bar, Kotor, Tivat, Budva and Herceg Novi as the Project Executing Agency (PEA) for implementation of a multi-phase German Financial Cooperation Programme entitled: Water Supply and Sanitation Adriatic Coast. In 2012, Vodacom enlarged its shareholders structure when the Municipality of Ulcinj became its new member. During implementation of different infrastructure and institutional development projects within the above Programme, Vodacom has been liaising and coordinating between the GoM, the competent Ministries, Municipalities, water utilities, consulting companies, designers, contractors, donors and creditors. Since its establishment, Vodacom’s services are based on its basic values, namely: combination of academic and practical know-how of its staff, accountability, responsibility, innovation-orientedness, initiative, and sound business ethics.

Vodacom’s mission: as a service and coordination company Vodacom aims at providing high-quality consulting services to the coastal Municipalities and water utilities, so as to enable appropriate and sustainable water supply and sanitation services to both households and businesses, with the overall aim of fostering economic development of the coastal region.

Vodacom’s vision: to act as a consulting company tasked with raising technical-technological and economic-financial operating standards in the water supply and sanitation sector, and promoting standards in implementation of investments at the territory of the Montenegrin coast.

Vodacom’s activities comprise of business and other management consulting services (70.22)